Two Great Little Wonders: my Tinysizer and the best doc on modulars to date :)

"I Dream of Wires" is the documentary on modular synth. “Hardcore Edition" is the 4 hours long version that served to fund the project. While this is not available to buy anymore, you’ll be able to buy a shorter "cinematographic" version of 80 minutes that’ll come out soon.

The documentary is very well done. It has great contents, both historical from archives and specifically made. It also has a great OST made exclusively out of modulars.

The story it’s what you’d expect (if you know your history) from a modular documentary such as this. It starts from the middle 60s with Moog and Buchla co-inventing two very different paradigms, later described as the “East coast” and “West coast” schools, all the way to the first modular decadence.

Right from there, after a brief excursus about why the digital had the best of analog and modular during those years, it goes straight to the Analog Renaissance. Of course the Modular Renaissance. All started by a little manufacturer and his invention of a new form factor coupled to the fact that he made it an open standard for people to implement on. The former is called Dieter Doepfer, the latter is called Eurorack.

The very good things about IDOW are:

  1. it is not banal or simplistic.
  2. It is full of “special guests”.
  3. it’s quality wise excellent.

I advise you to get a copy as soon as it gets out. If you have a place where to screen it, well contact them. It is really worth.

Thank you IDOW, I’ve enjoyed every second of it and I will again soon.

ps: this review is intentionally short of things and contents you can find inside IDOW ;)

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